[PHNOM PENH, CAMBODIA – Dec 8, 2023] – Canopy Sands Development, a visionary in urban development, has announced a groundbreaking partnership with the International Airport Advertising Corporation (IAAC). This alliance is set to revolutionize the Bay of Lights township in Sihanoukville, positioning it as a leading example of digital advertising integration in urban spaces.

Strategic Collaboration for Urban Enhancement

This partnership leverages IAAC’s expertise in digital advertising, a sector experiencing rapid growth globally. By incorporating advanced digital technologies, the Bay of Lights is poised to become a model for modern urban development, blending aesthetics with digital innovation.
The collaboration is expected to significantly boost the local economy. By attracting major brands and advertisers, the project will not only enhance the township’s appeal but also create new economic opportunities. The strategic placement of digital billboards will offer brands unparalleled visibility, tapping into the growing trend of outdoor digital advertising.

Data-Driven Advertising and Commitment to Sustainable Development
In line with global shifts towards data-driven advertising, this partnership will focus on creating advertising content that resonates with both locals and visitors. The aim is to foster a sense of community and belonging, making the Bay of Lights a vibrant, engaging space for all.
Both Canopy Sands Development and IAAC are committed to sustainable practices. This project will adhere to strict environmental standards, ensuring that the integration of digital advertising contributes positively to the township’s ecosystem.

A Vision for the Future

Edward Lee, CEO of Canopy Sands Development, emphasizes the transformative nature of this partnership: “Our collaboration with IAAC is more than a business venture; it’s a step towards the future of urban living. We’re not just developing a township; we’re creating a digital landmark that will set new standards for urban spaces.”

About Bay of Lights
Discover The Bay of Lights: Sihanoukville’s $16 billion jewel, where luxury meets nature across 934 hectares of coastal splendor. Experience unparalleled living with state-of-the-art residences and amenities set against a backdrop of breathtaking natural beauty. Join us in the dawn of a new era for Cambodia’s premier destination. Uncover the full story at thebayoflights.com.

About the International Airport Advertising Corporation (I.A.A.C)
IAAC is an advertising and media company engaged in executing various advertising and consultancy services relating to master planning of Out of Home programs, marketing, and selling of Out of Home advertising space in various cities and airports.


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