[SIHANOUKVILLE, CAMBODIA – Dec 29, 2023] In a move set to redefine golfing experience in Southeast Asia, the Bay of Lights development announces the Bay 19 Golf Course commencement. This $41 million investment, part of a $16 billion township project, opens a new chapter in Cambodian golf and marks a bold statement in luxury sports and leisure.

The project’s significance is highlighted by the attendance of high-profile government officials at its groundbreaking ceremony. The Guest of Honors included His Excellency Governor Kuoch Chamroeun of the Sihanoukville Provincial Office and representative from the Ministry of Tourism, His Excellency Seng Meng Hong, alongside special guests His Excellency Senior Minister Ly Thuch and His Excellency Ambassador Santo Darmosumarto of the Republic of Indonesia, signaling strong governmental support and international interest.

Golfing Experience by the Sea
Bay 19 Golf Course, distinct from Cambodia’s traditional inland links, emerges as a revolutionary golfing destination. As the first USGA-certified seaside course in the country, it offers a unique blend of scenic beauty and championship standards. This coastal adventure goes beyond a typical round of golf, immersing players in a serene yet challenging environment, setting Bay 19 apart in the world of golf.

More Than Just Golf: A Comprehensive Coastal Destination
Envisioned as a comprehensive golfing paradise, Bay 19 incorporates a state-of-the-art driving range within an exclusive resort complex. This luxurious haven will feature four four-star hotels, three five to six-star resorts, and four scenic walkways, all designed to provide an exceptional coastal experience directly connected to the golf course. This makes Bay 19 not just a destination for golfers but a holistic retreat for all visitors.

Timeline and Future Prospects
The initial phase, featuring the driving range, is set to open by Q3 2025, with the full 18-hole course welcoming golfers by 2027. The entire development is on track for completion by 2029, ensuring Bay 19 becomes a landmark for golfing and leisure in the Indochina region.

A Call to Golf Enthusiasts and Investors
Bay 19 Golf represents a unique opportunity for regional golf enthusiasts and potential investors. Its unparalleled coastal golfing experience, combined with luxurious amenities and strong governmental endorsement, positions Bay 19 as a prime destination for investment and leisure. This development is not just a game-changer for Cambodia but a beacon of golfing excellence in Southeast Asia.


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